Back to Law at Gardner Leader

Your skill and experience doesn’t disappear with a career break – but we recognise that you might need support and guidance to making a return to work. We are delighted that one of the Law Society’s Back to Law Ambassadors, Michal Freeman-Shor, chose Gardner Leader for her return to the profession as a Senior Associate in our Corporate team after 11 years break. To read about Michal’s story please click here.

We are giving 2 candidates the chance to apply for a one month Back to Law programme which provides you with:

To apply please click here.

Please submit your CV and a cover letter outlining why you want to take part in the Back to Law programme with Gardner Leader and why you would be a good fit for the firm. We’re aware that many applicants will have significant career breaks and so you won’t see a question asking for recent relevant experience, but do let us know what, if any, professional development you have done and whether you have a current Practising Certificate. If there’s anything standout that you’d like to share with us, please include it in your cover letter.

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