Quality Policy

Gardner Leader is committed to providing a high quality service in accordance with the SRA Standards and Regulations and set out in our Compliance Manual.

The Firm’s Client Service Charter is based on the Lawnet Client Service Charter and this policy seeks to reflect that Charter.

All staff at Gardner Leader are responsible for creating a culture where client care and standard of service is the priority.

Our COLP is responsible for reviewing and implementing the procedures and policies that enable staff to provide a high level of service with respect to the level of legal and regulatory operations at Gardner Leader.

Our COFA is responsible for implementing procedures and policies with respect to the financial operations of Gardner Leader.

Our COLP undertakes continuous review and improvement of policies and procedures to assist in achieving the necessary outcomes.

The COLP and the COFA report to monthly meetings of members of Gardner Leader.

The COLP and COFA have reporting responsibilities to the SRA.

Gardner Leader is subject to Audits by the Centre for Assessment twice a year. The Audit produces a Continual Improvement Record and the overall aim on the part of Gardner Leader is to meet the needs and expectations of its clients and it does this by complying with the requirements of the National and International quality standards, the LawNet Quality Standard and ISO 9001 and aims to continually improve.

It is recognised that the Continual Improvement Record is not comprehensive and the COLP and COFA have general duties to maintain compliance and achieve continued improvement.
This Quality Policy should be read in conjunction with our Client Service Charter.

We aim to

We welcome feedback from our clients, and if things have gone wrong we want to know so that we can provide a better service.

Our overall aim is to achieve continuous improvement for the benefit of our clients.

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