Arrows International: What is Force Majeure?


Jack Hobbs, Solicitor in our Dispute Resolution team writes for Arrows International, a law firm based in The Czech Republic, with which we have good relations helping our international clients and contacts. Jack discusses the significance of a force majeure clause in your contract.

The inclusion of a force majeure clause in contracts will be a very important contractual term moving through this period and I encourage all business owners to review these terms in their contracts immediately.

The purpose of a force majeure clause in a contract is to look forward and anticipate events which may occur that make performance of contractual obligations under the contract substantially different from those intended under it. The clause will then govern the respective, and in most cases altered, obligations of the parties in the event that one of the anticipated events occurs. In short they have the effect of making the response to the situation a matter of contractual construction and alleviate the need for the application of stricter legal principles.

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