FreshBusinessThinking: SMEs: Keeping rent costs down while avoiding legal disputes with landlords


Joanna Bullard, Partner in our Commercial Team, has been featured on FreshBusinessThinking, where she discusses how SMEs can keep rent costs down whilst also avoiding legal disputes with their landlords.

She outlines areas of support that the government has introduced that will be beneficial to SME tenants as well as giving advice on other financial support packages that SMEs can take advantage of in order to offset financial and avoid administration.

It’s fair to say that lockdown has created immediate and longer term difficulties for commercial landlords and business tenants. Commercial landlords, across all sectors have suddenly been faced with tenants who cannot afford or who have simply refused to pay their rent and service charges under their leases. This has left landlords with suddenly less income and in some cases, a landlord that can no longer meet repayments on their mortgages.

For SMEs around the country, offices are now under-utilised with most employees working from home, where feasible. 

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