Lawyer Monthly: The positives and negatives of family law in lockdown


Simon Fisher, Partner in our family team has has shared his thoughts to Lawyer Monthly on the impact lockdown and COVID-19 has had on family law. He highlights some of the positives he has already seen such as firms supporting clients using progressive technology and how more people are now considering alternative options to traditional court processes to resolve their dispute.

The full fallout is yet unknown, but COVID-19 has certainly had an immediate impact on family law –  some positives and some negatives, with potential opportunity for innovation and even improvement to the family legal system.

Divorce Rates

Law firms like Gardner Leader LLP have had to swiftly adapt to a new normal way of working, operating remotely to support clients using progressive technology like video conferencing. Gardner Leader also introduced a secure and confidential app where clients can communication with solicitors remotely.

Despite firms having to close their offices to visitors in line with the government guidance, divorce solicitors up and down the country – including Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia – predicted a surge in divorce enquiries caused by the pressures of self-imposed confinement.

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For those people struggling in their relationship, or trying to manage co-parenting at this time, anxiety levels are likely to be heightened. We know it is more important than ever that we are available to advise and support you. In the current circumstances, it might be hard to find some privacy or time to get in touch. We are available to communicate with you discreetly and in a method that best suits your circumstances. This includes via a secure app, video conference, phone or email.

If you need support and advice on a family matter please get in touch with Simon directly by calling 01628 502884 or emailing [email protected].

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