MoneyMagpie: Protecting Your Property Assets with a Pre-Nup


Simon Fisher, Partner in our Family team has shared why pre- and post-nuptial arrangements are growing in popularity, particularly where people are looking to protect their property.

A pre-nup could protect you from losing your inherited or earned wealth, property investments, and other assets. But what is it, and how do they work?

There used to be a strong stigma around pre- and post-nuptial agreements. People used to think it resembled a lack of trust or commitment. But times have changed along with the modern family. Pre- and post-nuptial arrangements are increasingly popular. They protect the legacy of property portfolios and assets to reflect modern living arrangements.

Having legal protection in place ensures the nuptials get off on the right footing for everyone. It also provides greater certainty that your property investments remain under your name, for you and future generations to come, should a marriage fail.

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