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Seona Myerscough of Gardner Leader Solicitors discusses online divorce and your options.

There has been a lot in the media recently about the effects of separation on couples and the fact that in the economic climate that we find ourselves in it is increasingly difficult to separate and divorce, because the family assets are already stretched to provide one home let alone two homes, and the cost of the divorce itself is prohibitive.

Further, Legal aid is being removed from the divorce process in April 2013 except for in very limited circumstances involving domestic violence, meaning that there will be even more people who are unclear where to turn when they want a divorce.

There are now a lot of services that people can have access to if they feel that they can sort out their own divorce. I would recommend the website as an excellent starting point, our own website and there are now even Apps that you can utilise on your smart phone.

However, it is important to be wary, there are some pitfalls. You do need to know what you are entitled to before you reach agreements on finances or the children. You need to know what the grounds are for divorce and the facts that you need to support your divorce. You may do your own research and work this out, you may just know what agreements you want to reach, but if you have any doubt I would recommend visiting a qualified family solicitor for an initial interview to be given direction and an understanding of your rights and responsibilities post separation. Knowledge is a very valuable commodity when considering what you are prepared to agree to.

However, once armed with knowledge and if you feel confident to negotiate or to use a mediator then if you are able to agree on

Then you can consider undertaking the divorce yourself. However, it is still very daunting to go on line and just choose a service. You could base it solely on price, but that is not the arbiter on quality. If the process is not clear then you may be wasting your money, and having to visit a solicitor to sort out the mess, which will cost more money in the long run.

We have now decided to meet this need by providing an on line divorce service ourselves.

This service is supported by a fully qualified lawyer, not an administrative assistant or someone based elsewhere, so you can be assured that a member of our team will be able to help you. You know where are offices are and therefore we are not a nameless agency,. There is a real person in a real office that you can phone.
We recommend that you go onto our page on the website and check this out for yourself. There are a few simple questions to answer, which will determine whether the online service is suitable for you. You might also decide that you would like to attend for a fixed fee interview and make direct face to face contact with us and then utilise the on line service after discussing your needs.

For more information regarding Gardner Leaders Family services please contact Seona Myerscough on 01635 508080.

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