Pets in Divorce. When to Consider a Pet-Nuptial


Ash Sanger, Consultant in the Family Team, had an article published on MoneyHighStreet discussing the process of what happens with your pet in a divorce.

Ash goes into detail discussing why it could be worth considering a pet-nuptial.

“It is safe to say that Britain has a long-held reputation as a nation of animal lovers. Indeed, British animal protection laws date back to 1822, andwe have remained just as obsessed with our pets as ever before.

Each year the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, PFMA, commissions research into the UK’s pet population. In 2021 due to the Pandemic, the survey moved online. It found that more than half of Brits keep a minimum of one pet. To be more specific, British households host 12 million dogs, 12 million cats and, amongst a wide range of more exotic beasts, some 600,00 hamsters and 400,00 tortoises and turtles.”

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