The end of the affair – protecting your business when workers leave


Emma Ladd, Senior Associate in the Corporate and Commercial Teams was recently featured in Online World News discussing the processes of protecting your business when workers leave. you can read the full article here.

“According to analysis by the Centre for Entrepreneurs, nearly half a million companies were launched in the UK between March and September this year. This represents an increase of 44,500 compared to the same period in 2019. This is an unexpected bonus of the pandemic but why the boom and how do you protect your IP and business from departing employees?

A lot of businesses have started as a result of the pandemic. Anecdotal evidence suggests that, with nothing else to distract them, people have started to re-evaluate their lives and jobs. Some have decided that this is the time to make a go of it for themselves in their own sector, while some have decided to do something completely different, perhaps something they have always dreamed of doing. The furloughing scheme has helped with this. People have been able to have their day-to-day bills covered during the tricky start-up phase of a business, where there is normally no money coming in. This is often what deters people from taking the plunge in the first place – even if your new business is successful in the long term, there are still immediate bills what need to be paid.”

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