More bad news for landlords as court fees to obtain possession shoot up


We understand that increased court fees for starting proceedings for the recovery of land (repossession claims) and general applications have come into force as of today. These increases come less 2 years since the last fee rise for possession claims from £175 to £280. Fees to commence a possession claim have therefore doubled during a period of 24 months. This change will impact landlords, both residential and commercial, as they are now required to pay a higher fee to issue proceedings.

Although a formal announcement has yet to take place, we have been informed the changes have now taken effect. In fact, a repossession claim we sent for issue to our local County Court on Friday 18 March was initially rejected today on the basis that the fee required was no longer £280 as stated on the Claim Form, but rather £355. The fees have also been updated on the EX50 Form found on the following website:

The changes come hand in hand with the government’s intention of improving and modernising the court system, whilst keeping the costs to the tax payer at a minimum. The changes were originally announced by the Ministry of Justice during January 2015 as part of the recent overhaul to court fees.

Below is a table confirming the new fees for the County Court as of 21 March 2016:


Action Previous fee Fee effective as of 21 March 2016
Issuing possession proceedings £280 £355
Possession claims lodged online £250 £325
Applications made on notice within civil proceedings £155 £255
General applications made without notice £50 £100
Applications made by consent £50 £100



Private: Judith Rountree

Senior Associate, Dispute Resolution

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