Brexit – How will you be affected?


The recent referendum campaign focussed much on sovereignty and the fact that a considerable amount of legislation comes from the EU. But do you know how much impact EU law has? In this article, we want to highlight some of the areas where EU law (and therefore Brexit) may affect you.

Business Law

EU law impacts most businesses in one way or another. Here are a couple of examples:




Employment law is really different from country to country, so we must make all our own, right? Wrong!


Dispute Resolution

The English court system is the envy of the world, but even here EU law has an impact.

Inheritance Protection

EU law doesn’t cover probate, does it? Oh yes, it does.


This is just a flavour of the impact that EU law currently has on our lives. In our future articles, we will be looking at some of these topics in more detail, so make sure you check them out. Details will also be available on Twitter – see @GL_BrexitBrief or #GL_BrexitBrief.

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