Care Proceedings – why an expert report?


When you are a parent or a relative involved in care proceedings about your children with a Local Authority, the social worker, the Guardian or one of the lawyer might tell you that they need an expert’s report.

It is important that you ask your lawyer or the social worker why they think an expert report is necessary?

The court should only allow a report if it is necessary and also you need to understand why people are saying they want it, what difference could it make to your chances of getting your children returned to you or them staying with you?

There are lots of different experts. An example of some are:

If there are court proceedings, then the person asking for the expert has to explain to the Judge or the Magistrates, what sort of expert they want and why. They also have to write a Letter of Instruction. This Letter sets out in detail what the Expert is being asked to do.

If you want to understand what is going on, you should ask your lawyer to show you the Letter of Instruction. It maybe that you won’t understand the letter, as it is written in quite technical language. If you don’t understand you should ask your lawyer to explain it to you.

Sometimes it is obvious why someone is being asked to do an assessment or a report, but not always, if you don’t understand then always ask.

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