Flexible Working: A Mixed Reception?


The results of a recent small business survey carried out by the CBI has shown some interesting results on the issue of flexible working.

Previously I commented on a survey by the British Chamber of Commerce that found  48% of small businesses felt that if their employees had the right to request flexible working, it could potentially harm their business, both financially and in their day-to-day efficiency (see the previous blog here).

The CBI’s survey found that despite, the new rules extending the right to request flexible working to all employees with 26 weeks continuous employment, 26% of employees would feel “quite uncomfortable” and 17% would feel “very uncomfortable” asking for flexible working hours.

There were positive results as well indicating that 40% of employees would ask for flexible working and there was no difference in the responses from men or women.

Although it was found that 29% of men and 32% of women find it difficult to balance work and life within their current working hours.

From the findings of the survey the CBI made some recommendations:

If you are a business owner or employer concerned about how the flexible working  regulations may affect your business or are unsure of your rights and responsibilities regarding flexible working for your employees, you can seek advise from our employment specialist Julie Taylor.

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