Is Gary Lineker right about family lawyers? We think not.


Divorce lawyers might find the comments made by Gary Lineker in the press this week hard to swallow. Particularly his reported words “…and we know that lawyers try to manipulate it to make you spend more money and basically end up hating each other”.

This will be Gary’s second divorce and it may be the case that his first divorce did cost him a large amount of money. If there were complex finances and difficulties in reaching a settlement then this can make the process protracted and expensive.

Perhaps Gary prior to his second marriage put a pre-nuptial agreement in place. Pre-nuptial agreements assist couples in dividing assets in the event of the breakdown of their marriage. Although it may be considered unromantic it is something we always recommend to our clients.

All lawyers have a duty to act in the best interests of their client and our aim is always to help clients reach a solution in the most cost effective manner. The majority of cases are settled outside court. In this way, we hope that our clients are left with peace of mind, rather than the feeling that lawyers manipulate their clients to increase costs, as Gary Lineker is reported to have said.

The Gardner Leader team are members of Resolution, a national organisation of family lawyers who are committed to a non-confrontational divorce. Sometimes, in the heat of emotional upheaval, people can have unrealistic expectations with regard to settlement and it is part of our role to spend time trying to reduce animosity by collaborating and working closely with the other lawyers in a non-confrontational way. This can be tricky and take time. As lawyers it is our duty to give the very best advice, and as a team we like to do this in the most constructive way given the individual circumstances.

Gary is also reported to have said that there should be a formula to deal with the matrimonial assets. The Law Commission thinks so too and have already suggested formulas to assist family lawyers and their clients and are working on ways to assist further.

If, like us, you want your divorce to be dealt with in a non-confrontational and constructive manner with transparency on costs then please contact a member of the Gardner Leader family team for more information.

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