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Tell us about Garner Osborne

The state of the art printed circuit board business, based in Hambridge Lane Newbury, is currently putting almost 30 years of experience to good use and producing circuit boards for medical devices and equipment required during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Like many businesses, the leadership team, including Directors Mike Garner and Nigel Priest, is keen to protect both the health and financial security of their staff and have furloughed around one third of the workforce, with the remainder adopting social distancing guidelines on site or working from home if they are able to do so.

The reduced workforce means that the Directors have drawn upon their extensive early work experience and gone back to the shop floor (see the photo of Mike Osborne below) to help produce and deliver their specialist and essential components to customers making devices for all markets, but with special emphasis on medically oriented products.

Mike’s passion for and pride in the business and staff comes across as he talks about ensuring the continued health of the business to protect his workforce. He describes being able to help practically on the shop floor at this time as the “common sense approach” and enjoys seeing the physical products produced. We think it shows adaptability and great leadership and Gardner Leader is delighted to consider Mike and the team both a client and friend of the firm.

How long have Garner Osborne known the firm and how have we worked with you?

Gardner Leader handled the incorporation of the business in 1991 and, since then, other corporate-commercial work including the sale and later management buy-back by the current team. Over the years, the firm has advised on a range of legal matters for the business, including moving premises and other commercial property matters, employment advice, and commercially significant dispute resolution. Garner Osborne has worked with a number of the growing Gardner Leader team during this time including Greg Humphreys, Julie Taylor, and the retired Bob Tomlinson.

In addition to using the firm for commercial legal services, Mike has also used the firm for peace of mind relating to personal legal work including conveyancing and inheritance protection.

Thank you for sharing your story

Thank you Mike and Garner Osborne for sharing your story. Visit the Garner Osborne website to discover more about these manufacturers of printed circuit boards.

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