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ProtoCool Air Conditioning are a family business that has gone from strength to strength over the past 13 years, from their beginnings in commercial refrigeration. Steven Crame, Managing Director, outlines how ProtoCool has evolved to offer air conditioning and ventilation to homes and businesses across the south.

How long have ProtoCool been serving the local community and area?

ProtoCool was founded just around the corner from Gardner Leader, Newbury. We began our journey in the commercial refrigeration sector in 2007, and have gradually evolved to be able to offer solutions to all heating, cooling and ventilation requirements, across the commercial and residential markets.

Our vision has always been to set, develop, and protect the best standards in the industry, providing our clients with an undeniable return on their investment into a healthier, more comfortable environment!

We are family owned and operated, and provide the friendly and personable service you would expect from a small business, whilst offering the infrastructure and experience of a larger firm.
Although we have moved our headquarters from Newbury to Aldermaston, we continue to serve the area and will do so for many years to come!

What has it been like working with Gardner Leader on this project?

We were proud to be selected by Gardner Leader to assist them in the expansion of their office, as a continuation of our existing and long-standing relationship.

The already established trust, and the early period at which we were brought into the project, meant that we were able to really drill down on their requirements, coming up with a solution that met their needs fully.

The result was a successful project all around, with Gardner Leader investing in top quality systems, a testament to their care for employees and customers.

We continue to service the systems regularly to ensure that they’re providing peak performance, and wish Gardner Leader continued success.

Visit the Protocool Air Conditioning website to discover more about their air conditioning services and how they can assist you and your business.

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