Health & safety responsibilities for your businesses


Every business is responsible for safeguarding the health and safety of anyone affected by its activities, whether they are employees, contractors, or visitors to its premises. The risks to health and safety will differ between sectors and individual businesses.

Whatever the nature of your business, it is imperative to put procedures in place to avoid health and safety breaches. In the most serious cases, health and safety failures can lead to serious injury or even death. Sanctions for breaches range from fines, and where the breach is serious, imprisonment.

General summary of businesses’ health and safety responsibilities

Even in these unprecedented circumstances surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, a businesses’ health and safety responsibilities do not evaporate.

Home Working

Businesses retain the same health and safety responsibilities for home workers as they do for those in the work place.

Typically, those who are working from home, will be office workers using equipment such as PCs, laptops and display screen equipment (DSE).

The Health and Safety Executive has updated its guidance in line with the Government’s recent measures to contain the outbreak, who has advised that those home working temporarily are at no increased risk of using DSE. Although businesses should remind employees using DSE to do the following:-

Businesses are also advised to be aware of the effects of home working on employees’ mental wellbeing. Being separated from colleagues who may offer support and friendship could have a detrimental effect. It is vital that businesses recognise signs of stress in their employees as early as possible.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your policies, procedures or generally.

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