Mental Health in the Workplace


The spotlight has been on mental health issues this month with the publication of the “Thriving at Work” review carried out by the Department for Work and Pensions in conjunction with the Department for Health and new ACAS guidance being published.

The Thriving at Work review found that approximately 300,000 workers with long-term mental health problems lose their jobs every year and explores the current state of mental health in the workplace together with ways employers can support the mental health of their employees.

The review suggests that around 15% of employees have symptoms of an existing mental health condition and estimates that poor mental health is costing employers between £33 billion and £42 billion a year, as a result of sick leave, staff turnover and less productivity.

The review also sets out a “vision” for reducing the numbers who leave work with mental health problems to 100,000 and includes proposals for “mental health core standards” that could be implemented across all workplaces at little or no cost. These proposals include introducing mental health at work plans, developing mental health awareness in the workplace and providing employees with good working conditions.

You can read the full report here

Also this month, ACAS published new guidance about managing mental health issues in the workplace, which includes a number of recommendations and contacts for further support. You can read the full guidance here

Julie Taylor

Employment Law

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