Silver Surfers


In light of the recent weather you might find yourself down the beach with a new type of surfer…..the silver surfer.

The media has picked up on more couples in their late fifties getting divorced, with the rate of divorce for this age group having spiked significantly in the past decade. The media are calling these the “silver surfers”.

You might ask, why are more people of this age group getting divorced? There are many reasons for the increase. The main cause is thought to be that people are demanding more out of life. With divorce being ever more common in our society, it has caused couples in their late fifties to no longer feel pressurised to have to “put up with it” and remain married.

Another reason is thought to be the increase in a person’s life expectancy, with those in their sixties and seventies now being more active than ever. The study published in The Times concluded that there are no health risks to divorce and it can have a positive impact on someone, especially if they find a new partner.

We, here at Gardner Leader, have certainly felt this trend in previous years and would always advise those older couples to consider their legal position before starting new relationships. Sound legal advice in relation to cohabitation agreements and pre-nuptial agreements is key, especially for those older couples whose wealth has increased over the years and may be looking to get their surfboards out again.

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