Social Services are involved with my family, what do I need to do?


As a parent it is very possible that you might never have any reason to be in touch with Social Services or have any professionals involved with your children, except the obvious such as teachers and GPs.

However, for some parents, it can be very different, and you can find yourself involved with social services, medical experts, mental health experts and even the police.

This can be very scary, and without realising it you can find yourself in a scenario with no clear direction.

I suspect that nothing you have ever dealt with before prepares you for what happens in this process.

You need to rapidly find a solicitor who is a specialist within this area of work and can advise you through the process.

How do I find a solicitor for care proceedings?

In order to help parents and families there is a Panel of Solicitors who are accredited in children’s law and specialise in this area of work. You can read more about this accreditation here.

It is very important that you find a solicitor who is accredited or that your solicitor is part of a team where one or more solicitors are accredited.

I am an accredited solicitor. My accreditation is renewed every 5 years and it is robust process.

By contacting a solicitor as early as you can when social services get involved with your children, it can really make a big difference to have someone on your side. It is a highly specialist area of work, and a lot can go wrong if you are not getting the right advice.

I have extensive experience helping parents navigate through care proceedings to result in a positive outcome for the family. If social services have been in touch and you would like guidance during this time please contact me directly.

Seona Myerscough

Head of Family Team

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