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Sustainability has never been more important. It’s about meeting the planet’s present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Businesses especially need to think about how they can reduce their impact on the environment and adopt sustainable practices. Following a surge in media awareness, businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of operating sustainably.

Gardner leader’s Environmental Group was formed in February 2019 to look at its own sustainability initiatives. The aim of the committee is to look at ways to make our firm as close to being environmentally friendly as possible. Jenny Buchanan, Partner in the Family department, steers the committee which currently has 21 members from all across the firm. Nine months since its inception, the committee has taken a number of small firm wide steps that have contributed towards its overall sustainability aims and objectives.

Some of the things that the firm has implemented include;

  1. Ensuring that printer cartridges, toners, keyboards and mice are recycled. The firm aims to extend the recycling to wider stationary and small equipment.
  2. Using a local supplier to switch to refillable hand wash products, reducing the firm’s plastic waste consumption and encouraging employees to extend this initiative into their own homes.
  3. An internal report produced by the Litigation department on becoming paperless and slowly educating other teams of the benefits of doing this on a firm wide level.
  4. Promoted Earth hour which happened on 30 March 2019 by asking staff to think about this, in an attempt to pass on the sustainable mind frame from work to home.
  5. Sponsoring the Thatcham Sustainable Market – we have sponsored this in the past too and have always found this a valuable initiative to sponsor and to encourage other small businesses to take interest in as well.

We are proudly sponsoring the next Thatcham Sustainable Market being held on Sunday 17 November. The market sells organic foods and other products, and raises awareness of being environmentally conscious through their promotion of eco-friendly products.  We have also promoted the Lonely Lentil who have a presence in Newbury and Thatcham areas, selling nutritious staples and other products which can be filled in your own containers and delivered to anyone local to Newbury and Thatcham. We highly recommend you coming along to this market whether you are a small local business or just a local resident, to learn about how you can contribute to the aims and support existing projects of the market.

Supporting local groups and projects like this is an excellent way of raising awareness of the work that such groups conduct towards sustainability. It is also a great way of involving your business in meaningful projects and build a profile of a business that cares. As a by-product, you may also attract clients who share the same values. Additionally, it is also an opportunity to raise awareness of sustainability to your staff.

The simple message here is that there are many avenues available to you in order to becoming more sustainable as a business.  As a firm, we are taking small steps towards this but believe these small steps are necessary to help us achieve our bigger overall aims towards sustainability.

If you wanted to learn more about what steps you could take to reduce your environmental impact as a business, please do get in touch.

Farah Ali

Trainee Solicitor
Corporate & Commercial Law
Residential Property
Dispute Resolution

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