Where there’s a Will, there’s a way (of saying it)


When clients come to see me about making a Will, I do not need to explain excessively why it is important to make a Will. They would not have come to see me if they did not already know that. However, when drafting a Will, I try to view it from the reader’s perspective. Yes, the client will read and understand the Will before signing, but the next person to read the Will is likely to be a loved one.

Legal jargon has a purpose. Phrases sentenced in the right way limits the chance of any misunderstanding and ensures the Will is administered as intended by the person making it. However, after the jargon, there is room in a Will to make it your own.

You can decide to give a particular ornament to your niece because “she loved playing with it so much as a child” or a collection of postcards to a brother “as a memory of the family holidays together”.

Sentimental items may not sell for millions but the sentiment is priceless and so are the words you leave. A Will is a way of leaving gifts to those we care about but is also an opportunity to leave some final thoughts as well.

If you are thinking of making a Will, make it your Will. Find out more about how our specialist Inheritance Protection team can assist you in making your Will here.

Jade Taylor

Inheritance Protection

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