World Environment Day – only one earth


World Environment day today is marked as the biggest international day in the environmental awareness calendar. The day is here to spread awareness about the threat to the environment due to climate change and rising pollution levels. This years theme is ‘only one earth’, with the focus on living sustainably in harmony with nature. Today provides a global platform to inspire positive environmental and sustainable change.

We thought it would be informative to share the top 4 ways widely suggested on how businesses can reduce their environmental impact and help fight climate change:

Offering remote and flexible working to employees

Hybrid working does not only benefit the employee but also reduces a businesses carbon footprint in removing travel to and from the workplace. Our Employment team have outlined a helpful guide on flexible and hybrid working and how this can benefit your business here.

Using sustainable locally sourced products in the workplace

Moving towards sourcing local businesses will reduce your supplies being transported long distances. This can save both time and money for businesses.

Promoting the sharing of transport with colleagues

Encouraging your employees to car share, this can dramatically reduce your employees carbon footprint as they travel together.

Reducing paper waste

Taking the time to ask your employees the question ‘does this need to be printed?’

Provided is the link to the official world environmental day website which provides informative content and ways businesses can become involved here.

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