Better You. Better Business.

Better YOU Better Business has been designed with one aim: that healthier, happier less stressful people are more productive, and less likely to take time off due to a mental or physical illness. Whether working for a company or themselves, improving individual performance should help the overall productivity & profitability of the company/organisation.

This event has been designed to provide working people with creative ideas, information, tips, tools and techniques to improve their overall health and wellbeing, and that of the organisation too.

“Taster” workshop sessions & “practical” activities will provide snippets of information and opportunities to try out “new” ideas – that can be taken away and implemented straight away.

Employment Senior Associate Michelle Morgan will be running a workshop:

Are you ok?  Mental Health at work: the legal employment stuff you really need to know about.

One in six of us will be affected by mental health at any one time – that could be up to 17 per cent of your workforce!

Developing mental health awareness can help you significantly reduce the cost to your business through reducing absence and increasing productivity.

Michelle will be on hand to guide you through the best way to manage mental health in the workplace and how to avoid the common, costly pitfalls.

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This is a ticketed pre-booked event ( a receipt and ticket will be attached to your email confirmation.)

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