Zoom Webinar – Faith, Hope and Clarity: Planning for the future

Do you or a loved one want to know more about how to prepare for the later stages in life?

Planning and arranging care can be a daunting task. Our Faith, Hope and Clarity event will explain how to deal with the practical, legal and financial issues that may arise when arranging care for a relative. Our specialist speakers are here to give you guidance and peace of mind.

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Melanie Meads from Q1Care Ltd – talking about supporting elderly and incapacitated people, to help them remain safely in their own home, and ways to improve their quality of life. Melanie is founder of Q1Care which offers domiciliary and live in care to the elderly and vulnerable who wish to stay in their own homes. She also runs the Care Hub in Goring which provides information and access to care and support.

Penny Wright, Partner at Gardner Leader, will be talking about the importance of having Lasting Powers of Attorney in place, to assist in managing the finances of incapacitated relatives and making decisions on their behalf; and dealing with the Court of Protection.

Tara McInnes, Partner at the Burnside Partnership will be discussing claims that can be brought against a person’s estate and what steps to take to ensure your will is valid especially in the current climate.

Alison Hesketh of Time Finders gives practical and emotional support to older people, maintaining as much independence as possible while responding to their changing needs, such as moving to more suitable accommodation, exploring care options, providing advocacy, or being the point of contact between care-providers and far-away relatives.

Kate Talbot from Kate Talbot Financial Planning will briefly outline some of her top financial considerations for funding care and extra assistance; be that at home or in a residential setting.

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