Protecting the interests of employees


Last October, the government commissioned Matthew Taylor, the chief executive of the Royal Society of Arts, to review the changing […]

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TLATA and Deeds of Trust by Jade Hinks, Trainee Solicitor in Dispute Resolution Team


The current condition of the UK economy means that property prices are rising year on year, which is why it […]

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Headscarves & Employment by Julie Taylor


Two different ECJ Judgments address the issue of discrimination surrounding religious headscarves. Firstly, a Belgian Company that had a Dress […]

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BREXIT: The countdown begins… by Julie Taylor

So it’s happened. On the 29 March 2017 the government gave notice to the European Council of the UK’s intention […]

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LEGISLATION: New offence for false advertising of a statutory apprenticeship by Julie Taylor

A new offence under the Enterprise Act 2016 (s25) is effective from 1 April 2017. The new offence occurs where, […]

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