Amy Wilson Weymouth qualifies in to the Family Team


Friday 1 February 2019 marks qualification date for Amy Wilson Weymouth, Solicitor in the Family team.

Amy can assist you with all matters arising out of divorce or relationship breakdown including the divorce process itself and financial remedies. Amy also deals with children matters both private and public.

In order to get to know Amy a little better, she’s answered a few questions below.

Do you have any advice for future trainee solicitors?

If you have any choice on the seats that you do as part of your training contract, then opt for seats that completely differ from each other. While I always knew that I wanted to train in Family and felt I would ultimately qualify into this area if all went to plan, I thoroughly enjoyed my other training seats and was surprised by how much I enjoyed working in our Commercial Litigation team as this was an area that had not been on my radar before starting my training.

Why did you decide to train at Gardner Leader?

Since I joined Gardner Leader as a paralegal in March 2016, I knew that I wanted to train here if I could. The encouraging and supportive ethos of the firm is first rate and it grabbed my attention straight away.

Why did you decide to study law?

I have always found the rigid structure of law compared with how it is/can be interpreted really fascinating and it is the same with languages. From quite early on I knew that I wanted to study a combination of these two and ended up studying Law with Spanish Law for my degree after taking up Spanish at college.

What’s your ideal holiday destination and why?

Somewhere where sun, pure relaxation and plenty of outdoor activities are all possible. I love anything to do with the water like scuba diving and as well as sightseeing enjoy exploring away from tourist spots. I’m open to perfect destination suggestions…

What’s your favourite film?

Anything animated or with subtitles!

For further information on this, or any other issue relating to divorce, please contact Amy by calling her on 01635 508079 or email: [email protected]

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