Claire takes to the skies to raise money for Naomi House


claire skydive

On Saturday 22 August, my friend Olivia and I jumped out of a plane in aid of Naomi House and Jack’s Place. We had previously been very unlucky with the weather and had spent many an hour on three separate occasions waiting for the weather to clear in the small café at Salisbury airfield. On the plus side they do a great full English breakfast! When I woke on the morning of the 22 the sun was shining and I knew it was the day. I happened to be the last one in the tiny plane so I was sat cosily in front of my instructor right next to the plane door. Before I had a chance to have a panic attack that it was clearly a last in first out situation I was out of the plane falling 15,000 feet over the beautiful Salisbury planes. Would I do it again? Well, I won’t be popping back to enjoy another breakfast at Salisbury airfield any time soon but I would certainly do it again if it meant I could raise another £1,000.00 for Naomi House and Jack’s Place, such a fantastic charity.

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