Gardner Leader wins Excellence in Employee Engagement award



This November we were delighted to win the LawNet award for Excellence in Employee Engagement. The LawNet Judges said “Gardner Leader impressed us with their commitment to involving their people in every aspect of the firm’s development and strategy. Openness, transparency, listening to their employees and making real changes based on that feedback has seen the firm improve its independently assessed employee engagement scores by nearly 10% in recent years. People are truly at the heart of this organisation and its ambitious plans for the future.”

The Judges in particular congratulated us for our comprehensive and continuous client service improvement programme which places employee engagement at the heart of its success. Through regular “improvement cycles” all staff are invited to recommend changes that will enhance the client experience and maintain a happy and motivated place of work.   The firm has seen a steady rise in staff retention, with 86% of employees engaged, which is up nearly 10% since 2011, and 92% satisfied and very satisfied with their team.

Managing Partner Derek Rodgers said, “Maintaining a well engaged and highly motivated team has always been central to our growth strategy as it is key to delivering excellent service, to adopting new practices and to maintaining stability through times of change. It certainly helped us through a period of integration and growth following our merger with Heath Buckeridge in Maidenhead a year ago.

“Winning such a prestigious, national award for our Employee Engagement is therefore great as it shows that we’re successfully supporting our staff and the firm in the right way to deliver on our vision to always be the legal expert of choice in the Thames Valley.”



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