Gardner Leader’s first visit to Swings and Smiles


Swings and Smiles, based in Thatcham, is Gardner Leader’s charity of the year. Swings and Smiles is a place to play for children with special needs and their families. It offers a unique environment where the whole family feels supported and where they can spend quality time together and their services include play sessions, sibling support and outreach.

The GL Marketing Team met with the charity and offered to do something while they were there. Swings and Smiles asked for some help to fit new carpet tiles in a garden room they call the ‘sibling den’. The makeover was intended to make it as comfortable as possible for those that use it.

Fiona Curnow, Marketing Director said: “We were blown away with the facilities that Swings and Smiles has to offer and were thrilled that we could be of assistance and fit the carpet tiles. When visiting the centre it became even more apparent that the service they offer is invaluable to the families they support.”

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