International Women’s Day 2019


We are proud to be celebrating International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March 2019. A day to celebrate a gender-balanced world, women’s achievements and raise awareness against bias.

We asked some of the inspirational women that work at GL to who inspires them and we had a great mix of answers. Many were first and foremost inspired by their mums, by their values they have instilled and constant support and encouragement. Niamh Minihane explained that her other most inspirational woman is J.K Rowling and Michelle Morgan told us that her daughter inspires her. Michelle recently went to a parents evening and her daughter’s teacher told her that she would work for the UN when she is older as she is so kind! Lady Diana Spencer is Megan Ruddle’s biggest inspiration and Michelle Obama inspires Michelle Challis.

When asked what it was like being a woman working in the legal industry, Eleanor Curtis told us that “working in the legal industry is fantastic and rewarding on a near daily basis. But being a woman working in the legal industry is different. I am lucky to work at Gardner Leader which is made up of 80% female employees and 20% male.”

Lucy Savage’s advice to young women considering going in to the legal industry would be “Go for it! It’s a really good career for anybody and doesn’t make a difference whether you’re a woman or a man.” Farah Ali told us that her advice for young woman would be to “be confident in your ability and your ambition despite any setbacks you may experience.”

Michelle Morgan’s career highlight was being featured in The Times and Farah Ali’s highlight so far has been working alongside Michelle Di Gioia to represent a litigation funder on a high value security for costs claim.

In terms of how the legal industry has changed, Michal Freeman-Shor explained that the legal industry more flexible and diverse than ever before. Michal pointed out that flexible working is great for working parents. Michelle Challis told us that “there is no longer a glass ceiling for female lawyers.”

Tilly McAuley told us how GL has been great in terms of helping her in the early stages of her career as she is balancing office life alongside getting a college education.

To watch our International Women’s Day videos, please visit our YouTube channel.

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