Pilot Schemes set to speed up divorce process


Gardner Leader are proud to be part of two new Pilot Schemes with the Courts which are greatly speeding up the divorce process. The schemes see the digitalisation of divorce paperwork which is modernising the process and therefore making it much more efficient. We are part of a select few firms who were approached to take part and so far the team have secured substantial results for our clients.

Divorce Pilot Scheme

The online scheme bypasses the lengthy divorce process of posting documents to Court and waiting for a decision to be made. Under the old process, a divorce could take over 6 months, but the new pilot scheme could see this almost cut in half.

Financial Orders Pilot Scheme

When it comes to a divorce, it is highly recommended that financial matters are concluded by way of a financial order. Without having the financial agreement in an order then there is a real risk that the claims will not be formally concluded. This could lead to proceedings at a point in the future and could even involve claims to subsequent assets that have been acquired. It is vital that any financial arrangements are enshrined in a financial court order.

Under the new pilot scheme, the financial order can be submitted electronically meaning a great reduction in the time taken to hear back from the Courts. The team have had decisions back from the Courts in a matter of days (or even on one occasion in a few hours) rather than the usual 4-5 month waiting game.

Benefits of the Scheme

Along with reducing the time it takes, there are many other additional benefits to the new scheme. One of these is as an online timeline that the family team have access to. This means that the team can contact the client and inform them exactly where in the decision process their financial order is. This compares favourably to the old system whereby an update could only be obtained by waiting in a long telephone queue.

Seona Myerscough, Partner and Head of the family team, explains, “Going through a divorce can often be an emotional time and it is hoped that the new schemes will help to reduce the time taken to finalise the process and give the client peace of mind. We are thrilled to have been chosen to take part in the pilot scheme and improve the service offered to our clients.”

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