Spring 2015 Charity Law Update



Welcome to the Spring edition of our Charity Law Update.

We are pleased to announce that Penny Wright has joined the firm this month. Penny’s arrival from Blake Morgan’s charity team deepens our knowledge base considerably. Penny specialises in advising charity clients on governance and constitutional matters and is responsible for one of our four articles this month.

David offers a timely insight into what might change for deeds of variations in the near future. Michelle Di Gioia covers in her article issues that are pertinent for those charities who have shop outlets. Penny provides some advice to charities who hold assets on ‘permanent endowment’. I round off our articles with a reminder of how beneficial alternative dispute resolution (‘ADR’) can be to charities involved in disputes.

We hope you enjoy our Newsletter, should it provoke any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Alastair Goggins – Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution Team

Varying Deeds of Variation

By David Finnerty, Solicitor

When watching the Government’s 2015 budget unfold from an inheritance protection viewpoint, one of the more significant statements made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer related to a proposed review of ‘deeds of variation’…continue reading

Health, Safety and Charity 

By Michelle Di Gioia, Partner

Charities will undoubtedly be aware that Health and Safety is one area of law which is highly regulated. It has, in recent years, come under the Government’s spotlight…continue reading

Are You ‘Endowed’ with an Endowment?

By Penny Wright, Senior Associate

Does your charity hold permanent endowment and do you know what you can do with it? We have come across a number of charities who hold assets on “permanent endowment” without realising that is what it is…continue reading

ADR = ‘Advantageous’ Dispute Resolution

By Alastair Goggins, Partner and Dispute Resolution Team Leader

Most of us are now at least familiar with the concept of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) but a number of studies suggest that charities have some reservations about using it…continue reading

Should you wish to discuss any issues in relation to the above articles or to your legal charitable needs in general then please do not hesitate to contact our Charity Law team:

Alastair Goggins
Partner and Dispute Resolution Team Leader

Tara McInnes
Associate, Dispute Resolution Team

Lucy Butcher
Associate, Inheritance Protection Team

Judith Rountree
Associate, Dispute Resolution Team

David Finnerty
Solicitor, Inheritance Protection Team

Mark Hopper
Solicitor, Inheritance Protection Team

Laura Colebrook
Solicitor, Dispute Resolution Team

Jo Hemsley
Paralegal, Dispute Resolution Team

Penny Wright
Senior Associate, Inheritance Protection Team

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