Winter 2014 Charity Law Update


Welcome to the Christmas edition of our Charity Law Update.


In this update we have two new contributors, Laura Colebrook and Mark Hopper. Laura has joined the Contested Probate Team in our Newbury office and Mark has joined us in our Maidenhead Office working in our Inheritance Protection Team.

In this edition, Laura considers the challenges posed to charities by the changes being made to EU data protection law, while Mark takes a closer look at the Finance Act to see how it could benefit charities. I have added some insights as to some of the work we are doing at the moment and have given an update on the developments in the troubled estate of Jimmy Savile which I wrote about in a previous edition of this update.

Recently, we have been busy raising money for Children in Need and our charity of the year Parkinson’s by holding our very own ‘Great Gardner Leader Bake Off’. This was a lot of fun and I’m very glad to say we raised £1,000 in the process.

Our Tara McInnes and Jo Hemsley spent a very enjoyable evening at Naomi House’s awards ceremony last month. Naomi House have also been named as our firm’s chosen charity for next year. We are busy planning events for next year’s diary which no doubt you will hear more about that in future editions.

Finally over this festive period, as we all enjoyed our ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ last year we have decided to repeat this once again to raise further money for charity.

Thank you all for spending time reading this update and if there is anything in it which provokes a question then please do let us know.

Alastair Goggins – Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution Team

Inheritance Tax Relief – Why stop at 10%

By Mark Hopper, Solicitor

In the Finance Act 2012, HMRC introduced a lower rate of tax for a deceased person who gave 10% of their net estate to charity. Such estates would have a 10% discount on the rate of Inheritance Tax (IHT) applicable to their estate; meaning 36% instead of 40%… continue reading

Are you prepared for the new EU Data Protection Law?

By Laura Colebrook, Solicitor

The current Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) is set to receive an overhaul of the sort which would leave Santa and his elves with a whole mountain of paperwork and internal administration to deal with before he could even think about jumping into his sleigh…continue reading

The Jimmy Savile Trust – An Update

By Alastair Goggins, Partner and Inheritance Team Leader

In our Summer Charity Law update, we considered the issues surrounding the Jimmy Savile Trust and the administration of his estate. As some months have now passed it seemed only appropriate to see how matters have developed…continue reading

Gardner Leader Case Update

By Alastair Goggins, Partner and Inheritance Team Leader

From time to time we like to share some of the current work we have been instructed on, partly because we hope it is of interest but also as it will sometimes echo problems that others are having themselves…continue reading

Should you wish to discuss any issues in relation to the above articles or to your legal charitable needs in general then please do not hesitate to contact our Charity Law team:

Alastair Goggins
Partner and Dispute Resolution Team Leader

Tara McInnes
Associate, Dispute Resolution Team

Lucy Butcher
Associate, Inheritance Protection Team

Judith Rountree
Associate, Dispute Resolution Team

David Finnerty
Solicitor, Inheritance Protection Team

Mark Hopper
Solicitor, Inheritance Protection Team

Laura Colebrook
Solicitor, Dispute Resolution Team

Jo Hemsley
Paralegal, Dispute Resolution Team


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