World Book Day


In 2005 our own book club was formed by members of the firm. We thought there would be no better day than world book day to ask our book club members a series of questions about the group and the benefits it brings.

How did the book group all start?

The book club started about 15 years ago. Initially it was Collette Bailey, Robert Jobson, Jolyon Barton, Julie Taylor and Stuart Durrant. They would meet up at lunchtimes every six weeks. Initially very ambitious picking two or three books with no pressure to read three although most did. It is suspected the Book Group have read over 50 books since inception with many favourites and some we hated – there is an in joke about Rob’s choice of Soul Mountain. Typically modern novels are picked that were recently released although there has been some non fiction.

What are the benefits of the book group for you?

Why do you think other companies should start a book club?

Companies should start a book club as it is a fun thing to do, and not everyone wants to climb a mountain as well as all the reasons above.

What book has been the most popular?

We all really liked The Poisonwood Bible, a Prayer for Owen Meaney and 11/22/63.

At the firm we also have a book borrow box scheme which staff use regularly and donate to our charity of the year Pancreatic Cancer UK.

World Book Day

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