Buying and Selling a Business

Whether you are looking to grow your business by buying another business as a bolt-on to yours or introducing a completely new expertise by acquiring another company or a franchise, or perhaps, you are looking to make an exit by selling part or all of your business, we can help you navigate the optimal legal route for achieving your particular goals.

Our expert Corporate & Commercial Team will help you negotiate the contractual arrangements and clearly explain their purpose to you so you can make informed decisions, reliable plans and proper evaluation of your deal.

We can provide valuable input at all stages of the transaction, whether preparing the business for sale or spotting a problem in a target company or asset.

Our trusted legal experts will work with you to clearly plan and negotiate the best deal for your needs taking into account your ultimate goals and your long and short term plans. They can help you with the myriad of relevant issues when selling or buying a business including dealing with the acquisition agreement, the due diligence, disclosures, restructuring, bank financing, valuations, directors and other private equity financing and the transfer and licensing of intellectual property and other rights to mention but a few.

Our commercially astute team will work with you to ensure that you have a peace of mind with regular progress updates and a speedy response time from the team during your transaction.
Our team of experts have an extensive experience in advising a wide range of domestic and international businesses of all sizes and in multiple business sectors. Our team can guide you at the initial discussion stage of buying a business or merging with another through to helping you with the due diligence and negotiation of your heads of agreement, right through to the detail of all of the transactional documents and successful completion within, what are usually, tight deadlines.

We add value by taking you through all possibilities, work with you to you analyse the risks, the benefits and the legal and practical implications of each potential new arrangement. When you are buying a business or selling your own business we will help you understand every aspect of the transaction such as your core products and services, your employees, your property, your assets, your marketplace position, your objectives and how the transaction fits within your overall business plan.

By involving us early on, you will enable us to guide you through the transaction from start to finish avoiding the usual pitfalls and misguided information, and take the burden of legal stresses and complications away from you, leaving you to concentrate on the wider considerations of your business.

For more information on how we can support you in buying and selling a business, please contact one of our corporate & commercial specialists in our Newbury, Thatcham and Maidenhead offices below.

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