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If you have been accused of, or charged with a criminal offence, our criminal solicitors can work with you to defend the proceedings or to limit the impact that a guilty plea may have on your livelihood and reputation.  Our early involvement at the investigation stage can make all the difference to the outcome of any criminal case. Giving clear advice and direction can often result in matters being diverted away from the criminal courts resulting in less impact on reputation and finances for our clients. In more serious cases it may well be that your liberty is also at stake and we will advise on strategies to remove or mitigate that risk.

Our expert, Stephen Bennett has over 25 years’ experience of both defending and prosecuting all types of criminal offence. Stephen is one of only a handful of local criminal solicitors experienced in the conduct of High Costs cases such as fraud, money laundering, murder, and high value drugs importations.

We can assist with all aspects of criminal law, ranging from serious and complex fraud to motoring offences.

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