Regulatory Investigations

Every business is responsible for safeguarding the health and safety of anyone affected by its activities, including employees, customers and visitors to their premises.

We have experience in advising on health and safety in a range of industries and sectors, and understand that risk differs significantly between them, as well as between individual businesses. In many cases, compliance involves simply a systematic approach to ensure that common sense precautions are taken to prevent accident and injury, whereas when businesses are engaged in higher risk activities more attention and resources need to be focused on health and safety concerns and procedures.

Whatever the nature of your business, putting procedures in place in order to avoid health and safety breaches is essential. We can work closely with you to establish a system which works for your business, and make sure you know and understand your liabilities and responsibilities as an individual and a corporate entity.

In the most serious cases, failures in health and safety can lead to serious injury or death, resulting in potential fines and imprisonment for you as the responsible business owner (including liability for corporate manslaughter in some instances).

We can support you throughout the process of an investigation by the HSE, from offering initial advice and information, through to defending against any prosecutions in court and assisting in mitigation.

For more information about health and safety regulation, and your responsibilities as an employer contact one of our team below.

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