Family Mediation

Seona Myerscough, Partner and Head of the Family Team, is a trained mediator and a member of both the FMA and the FMC. Seona is also a founder member of Reading Family Mediation, further information can be obtained from their website as to the nature of this organisation and the services which are offered.

Mediation is a voluntary process which enables you to explore issues arising from your relationship breakdown. The process involves both sides meeting with an impartial and specifically trained third party (the mediator), who helps them come to an agreement and to draw up a Memorandum of Understanding which they both consider fair and acceptable. At this point there is no court intervention, although it is a good idea to obtain advice from a solicitor whilst in mediation.

The Agreement is not legally binding, so you will need the assistance of a solicitor or the ability to make it legally binding by preparing documents that are then approved by the Court.

The discussions in mediation are strictly confidential and so it is possible to speak freely and directly to one and another, facilitated by the Mediator.

Please note that it is not possible to have Gardner Leader both as your solicitor and to use the mediation service. In other words, you are not able to see one of our solicitors and then for them to continue to advise you whilst Seona Myerscough is the mediator. However, if you are sure that you would like to take up the option of mediation then the best course of action is to speak to Seona directly and she can determine if the service is the right one for you and your former partner/spouse.

Please contact Seona on 01635 508192 or alternatively e-mail [email protected]