Making your Will

Making a Will is often recognised as something which needs to be done, but is also a job easy to postpone, push to the bottom of priority lists and become that something which can always be done ‘tomorrow’.

However, not making provision now can cause additional stress and worry at what is already an emotional time for your family and friends further down the line. Making a Will is one of the best investments you can make for the future of your loved ones, ensuring that provisions are made fairly and that your wishes are carried out.

Our specialists will work closely with you, to make sure that the process of making your Will is as straightforward as possible. We are also happy to take on the role of executors and trustees when needed.

You can come and discuss making your Will with us at a free initial meeting, where will agree a fixed fee for its preparation. Before arranging a meeting with us, think in advance about the content and structure of your Will. Alternatively, you can download our WILL QUESTIONNAIRE and return the questionnaire to us so that we can make a draft Will which you can then review.

For further information about making your Will, you can access a range of tools and material in our Legal Resource Centre, or download our free leaflet: Making Wills Make Sense

You can discuss making your Will with us by contacting one of our legal specialists here