You may be considering re-mortgaging your property for a number of reasons, but in every case there are many legal issues to be considered and processes to be completed.

Our conveyancing specialists can guide you through the process of re-mortgaging your property, ensuring that the transaction completes smoothly, from the preliminary document and details checks, to arrangement with the Land Registry to amend your title deeds on completion.

Lifetime Mortgages

A Lifetime Mortgage, or Equity Release, can be suitable if you would like to gain a lump sum, or regular stream, of income, against the value of your property without losing your home. Many of the legal procedures are similar to those involved with a standard mortgage, but it is vital that matters are arranged correctly to ensure that there are no complications further down the line when the debt needs to be repaid.  Our specialist team are experienced in handling Lifetime Mortgages and can therefore oversee all stages of the process with the needed care and expertise, from an initial meeting to discuss your situation and outline the expected required stages, to completion of the loan and arranging with the Land Registry to amend your title deeds.

You can find a range of further information on re-mortgaging and Lifetime Mortgages in our Legal Resource Centre, or to discuss your situation with us please contact one of our team below.

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