Online Business Services

You can prepare a variety of commercial documents online, in your own time and for a fixed cost using our online business services.

How our online business services work:

*All of our online document services include a full legal review by one of our solicitors, included in the stated fixed price. We will evaluate the draft document you submit to us, and then contact you with any further questions we have in order to edit and amend the document for completion. Please note that we review the document you submit to us in light of the information that you provide when completing the questions during the document construction process and our role is to ensure that the document correctly reflects those requirements and could form the basis of a legal contract.

Available Documents


This document is suitable for a small private company whose shareholders are looking for basic provisions to regulate the internal relationship between the shareholders and the activities of the directors. This shareholders’ agreement is not appropriate for public limited companies with more than one class within its issued share capital. This document is suitable for use by a Company situated in England & Wales.


The document creates a partnership agreement in accordance with the Partnership Act 1890 as amended. Please note that this document is not suitable for those intending to form a limited liability partnership. This document is suitable for use by a partnership situated in England & Wales.


This document is suitable for use in connection with the sale of goods.

A large volume of sales business is done in reliance upon standard terms and conditions of sale. These are commonly found on the reverse side of a seller’s order form. This document contains a set of terms and conditions that are suitable for use by someone who sells goods to other businesses. Do not use this form if you are selling goods to consumers. It is important that you take the time to read the form in its entirety to ensure that it is appropriate for use in your individual situation. This document is suitable for use by a seller situated in England & Wales.


This document should be used by a landlord of a residential property to create an assured shorthold tenancy agreement for a fixed term. Specific clauses are included to cover gas, electrical and fire safety, and building maintenance. It is suitable for both regular lettings and simple cases of Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO). The document deals with landlord’s requirement to use a government-authorised Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme. Please note that this document can only be used in England & Wales.


This document is a short term lease intended to be used by a commercial property owner to grant a tenancy for a specific period up to six years. It is only appropriate for a self-contained building and should not be used where there are shared facilities. The rent is fixed and is not subject to any review. If the rent is not paid, the property owner may end the lease. Please note that this document can only be used in England & Wales.