Professional Negligence Disputes

All businesses and individuals will find themselves in need of expert assistance from a professional advisor at some point, whether it be a legal advice from a solicitor, financial advice from an accountant or tax advisor, property-related advice from a surveyor or architect, or other expert advice from other specialists, such as insurance brokers.  However, sometimes mistakes are made or inadequate advice is provided, in which case you need to know what your rights are in relation to any losses you have suffered as a result of your professional advisor’s negligence.

How Gardner Leader can help

Professional negligence claims can be particularly complicated, as there are several legal elements of a claim that will need to be established if the claim is to be successful.  They can also be factually complex, as often issues relating to the adequacy of the advice provided, the scope of the professional’s duty of care, and the nature of the losses suffered, will not be entirely straightforward.  On top of that, there are procedural rules set out in the Pre-Action Protocol for Professional Negligence claims which any potential claimant will need to comply with before commencing a legal claim at court.

Our Professional Negligence team can guide you through these legal and procedural complexities, with a focus on trying to obtain a commercial resolution for you on as cost effective a basis as possible.  We can assist you with assessing your potential claim and identifying your options, and with following the court’s pre-action procedures, which may result in an early negotiated resolution without the need for formal court proceedings.  Where litigation is unavoidable, we work with specialist barristers and other experts to guide you through the Court process and to prepare your claim for trial.

Our expertise

Our Professional Negligence team specialise in advising clients in relation to negligence claims against a wide range of professional advisors, including:

Our clients range from individuals, to start-up companies, to large corporations, as anyone can be equally affected by negligent professional advice.

Our team is also experienced in using various forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation and arbitration, as a means of obtaining a commercially pragmatic resolution to a professional negligence claim.

Our team

Our Professional Negligence team is headed up by Michael Axe. For more information about how we can help you to resolve any Professional Negligence disputes, please contact one of our specialists below.

Our Professional Negligence Disputes Team

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