Commercial Agreements, Terms and Conditions

A well drafted commercial agreement may not prevent a dispute from arising, but it will make one less likely to occur and minimise disruption if and when it does happen.

The process of drafting a commercial agreement in itself ensures that the contentious issues that do arise are discussed upfront. This means they are considered and dealt with by all the parties involved. While this can feel painful, the time is well spent and also prevents larger issues down the line.

Our experience in drafting and finalising commercial agreements means that we can clearly set out detailed documents that establish the aims and objectives of all parties involved. It allows for provision if disputes occur further down the line.

The legal expertise of our team ensures that issues such as competition law and unfair contract terms legislation, which can affect the validity of a commercial agreement, are dealt with.

What are the areas of a commercial agreement?

We can advise you on various types of commercial agreements, including:

Many of our clients have significant e-commerce operations, both standalone and via third party platforms. We can assist with drawing up standard terms and conditions for the sale of goods and services online, including dealing with the relevant consumer and distance selling regulations.

We have significant experience with franchise arrangements, both setting up a franchising system for businesses looking to franchise out and dealing with the agreements for more established franchising businesses, including those of leading fast food retailers.

For more information on how we can support you with your commercial agreement, please contact one of our corporate & commercial specialists in our Newbury, Thatcham and Maidenhead offices below.

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