Making a Will

Making a Will is one of the one of the most important things you can do to safeguard the future of your loved ones. We recognise that writing a Will is often a job that is pushed to the bottom of your priority list or something that can be done ‘tomorrow’. However, making a Will is straightforward and relatively inexpensive. A properly made Will reduces the chances of any disputes over your estate and ensures that your wishes are carried out. Our solicitors in Newbury, Thatcham and Maidenhead are here to provide peace of mind in relation to your estate planning.

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How can we help?

Our specialists will work closely with you to make sure that the process of making your Will is as straightforward as possible. We understand that you may have sensitivities surrounding your family structure or have a complex estate.

We have extensive experience advising on all aspects of making a Will, including

Can I make a Will remotely or make an ‘online Will’?

Whilst the law does not allow you to make a Will entirely online, we can assist you with making your Will remotely, without the need to attend our offices. Since the outset of the Coronavirus crisis, we have been successfully assisting our clients to make their Wills remotely and in line with Government guidance.
We can do this by taking your instructions via video conference and verifying your identification online. We can then either email or post your draft Will to you for review, and clarify any questions that you may have over the phone.

Once you are happy with the draft, we will provide guidance on how to sign your Will in compliance with the relevant legal formalities, including ensuring it is witnessed correctly. Once it is signed you can post the original back to us for us to store it in our strong room and we can provide you with a copy. Alternatively, you may wish to store the original Will at home.

If you would like us to start the Will writing process you can download and complete our Will Questionnaire below. Once completed, please save it to your computer and then click the ‘Email questionnaire to GL’ button at the bottom of the form which will allow you to return it to us via email. We will then draft a Will for you to review.

Will Questionnaire Will Questionnaire - Mirror Wills

Updating an existing Will

If you would like to review or update and Existing Will please visit our Update an Existing Will page or contact one of our inheritance protection specialists below. If you do not have a Will, you can discuss making your Will with us at a free initial meeting. In this meeting, we will agree a fixed fee for its preparation. We are also happy to take on the role of executors and trustees when needed.

What happens if I don’t make a Will?

Over half of the UK population do not have a Will. Although we encourage people to make a Will to ensure their loved ones are safeguarded we understand that sometimes it does not seem like a priority. In those circumstances, we think it is important for people to understand what happens to your assets if you die without making a Will.

Can I use a DIY Will kit?

Whilst it may take more time and money, a solicitor drafting a Will is experienced in recognising complex situations. It is our role to pose the right questions to prevent uncertainty and allow your true wishes to be recorded and carried out. In other words, whilst homemade Wills might be attractive from an immediate cost saving point of view, in the long term they can cause serious problems. These are ultimately very expensive to resolve. Please read more about this here.

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You can discuss making your Will with us by contacting a member of our inheritance protection team in our offices below.

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