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When you are making your Will, you should consider inheritance tax planning in terms of your needs and priorities rather than simply in terms of minimising the tax payable on your estate.

With the 1 September deadline looming, trustees of trusts which were not previously required to register with HM Revenue & Customs should be gearing up to comply with the new registration requirements.

It is important that you know what types of trusts are required to register, which types of trusts are excluded and what you should do if you are a trustee before the 1 September deadline. Click the button below to find out more.

Deadline for registration of trusts - 1 September 2022


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Our team can advise you on inheritance tax planning, and options such as gifts and trusts which can offer extra flexibility and reduce the value of your residual estate, and therefore the tax payable on it. We recommend that you seek early advice on your inheritance planning, especially if the value of your estate is likely to exceed £325,000, in order to maximise the benefits of trusts and gifts, and ensure that your planning works best for you and those who will benefit from your Will later on.

Tax Table 2021/22

For further information on trusts, wealth protection and tax planning please download our Guide to Inheritance Tax and contact one of the team below.

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