Selling real estate

There can be lots of different stages to selling real estate. Our team will be able to help you through all the different paperwork and legal obligations, ensuring you have peace of mind throughout the whole process.

What is involved when selling real estate?

When acting for you as a seller, we will help to draft all the legal documentation required to enact the transaction and manage the process on your behalf. This will include dealing with the selling agent, buyer’s solicitor and any other involved party.

As part of the process we will also answer any of the enquiries from your buyer’s solicitor on your behalf and manage the running of the transaction to ensure a swift completion. We will act for your lender, if you have one, applying the sale proceeds to pay off and discharge any existing mortgage.

What precautions should I be aware of?

Before selling a real estate we recommend you carry out early preparations so you are ready to deal with the buyer’s enquiries and requests for documentation. This would include:

How can we help?

We regularly help clients prepare to sell properties by carrying out set up work before a buyer has even been found. In doing so we pre-empt the enquiries that will be raised by the buyer and prepare the initial contract pack in advance. This can also involve reviewing the title to the property to check for any potential issues with a sale and apply to remove any outdated or expired entries that have previously been registered.

For more information on how our real estate team can help support you when buying or selling real estate, please contact one of our real estate specialists in our offices.


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