Fixed Prices for Family Matters

Family Matters

To help you in a time of uncertainty such as relationship breakup through divorce or separation, we understand the need for predictability and certainty. You expect great service from your solicitor, but you also want to know how much you’ll pay for it. We are tenacious in pursuit of clients’ interests so you will have peace of mind that we will do everything to get the best outcome for you.

So how can we help?

Firstly, we will offer you a fixed price initial meeting, since we appreciate the importance of getting to know each other. In that meeting, we will get the basic facts from you, give preliminary advice and plan initial strategy.
We will give you a realistic outline of time and cost and what price options there are.

Particularly where children are involved, we are mindful of the need to recognise that both parents love their children and desire a good outcome for them too. Our approach is to look for agreement to negotiate settlements using resolution and collaborative law processes in order to avoid the costly and emotionally difficult court process. However, where agreement cannot be reached we are determined to achieve the best outcome for you.

Financial Matters

In relation to our costs, we have a philosophy of ‘no surprises’. That puts the onus on us to address the following principal questions that clients have as transparently and as simply as possible:-

(a) What are you going to do for me?
(b) What aren’t you doing for me?
(c) Who is going to do it?
(d) When will this be done by?
(e) How much is it going to cost?

As far as practicable, we will endeavour to provide you with pricing and payment choice including fixed price options. We recognise the fact that clients have different priorities and even the same client can have different pricing and payment priorities at different stages within the process if a divorce or separation.

We will provide you with a work schedule setting out the work which we will do for you which will answer questions (a) to (d) above. In addition you will receive a pricing menu that we will invite you to review and select the pricing methodology or combination of pricing methodologies that represent the best fit for your objectives and budgetary constraints.

Choosing a fixed price means that, so far as is possible, you will have certainty over what you’ll pay and what we will do. You may only need a little guidance, or you may want us to do everything. We would discuss this with you and take it into account in our pricing for you. We will be upfront about costs and the process and will give you guidance as to third party fees.

Finalising things

Clients tell us that the process can be emotionally difficult, and that at the end of it they are mindful of what they could have done in advance to make things easier. Clients often reflect on the value of a simple pre-nuptial agreement or give consideration to making or rewriting a will, since the change in family circumstances may alter what you wish to happen after your death.

We’re also able to help you plan ahead. If you’re marrying and would like to protect your assets or family money in the event of relationship breakdown, then we can assist. Pre-nuptial agreements now have greater legal standing and offer good protection. It’s also a good time to review your will so for that reason we offer a combined fixed price package.

Resources to support you

Experience and client feedback tells us that people need a variety of support when going through a breakup. We can guide and inform you so that you can make the decisions that work best for you and those around you. Client feedback has also highlighted that as well as the support of family and friends, people find invaluable support in other places too. The following services may be useful:-

Practical advice

Support groups

For more information on how we can help support you through your family matter, please contact one of our family specialists in our Newbury, Thatcham or Maidenhead offices below.

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