When you use Gardner Leader you have access to our full team of lawyers. We will ensure that your matter is dealt with by those with the appropriate expertise so that we can deliver the result you want efficiently and cost effectively.

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Alastair Goggins

Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

01635 508127
a.[email protected]

Greg Humphreys

Partner, Commercial

01635 508181
[email protected]

Richard Buckeridge

Partner, Corporate Commercial

01628 502881
[email protected]

Diane Yarrow

Partner, Corporate Commercial

01628 502897
[email protected]

Penny Wright

Partner, Inheritance Protection

01635 508170
[email protected]

Julie Taylor

Senior Associate, Employment

01635 508181
[email protected]

Judith Rountree

Senior Associate, Dispute Resolution

01635 508146
[email protected]