Terms & Conditions


1. We are members of the panel of most building societies and banks and the legal fees included in our quotation include the work we will carry out on their behalf. Please note that there are some smaller lenders that still adopt the practice of asking their own solicitors to act for them and they may charge you extra.

2. The Quotation is valid for a period of 28 days.

3. If the transaction fails to proceed to exchange of contracts (i.e. the point where you are legally committed) we will not charge you for the work we have carried out on your behalf. You will, however, be asked to reimburse us for payments we have incurred for you such as search fees and the cost of obtaining documents if these have not been paid in advance.

4. The e quote rate is applicable only to business transacted via the Gardner Leader Website and does not apply to business transacted in any other way.

5. The e quote is a service offered via the Gardner Leader Website and no other discounts apply to this product.

6. We shall ask you for payment of charges such as Search fees Stamp Duty and Office Copy Entries in advance and if payment is made by cheque, we shall require cleared funds before these expenses are incurred.

7. The equote does not apply to Shared Ownership purchases or sales or Help to Buy – please call or e mail us so that we can provide you with a quote for these types of transaction.

8. Sale Quotation Only:

Our legal fees are payable following Exchange of contracts and before we are able to arrange completion of your Sale we shall require from you any shortfall if the amounts required to pay your secured borrowing leaves insufficient money to pay our legal charges. We will rely on redemption information provided by your lender and pay the amount required to redeem your mortgage account on completion. You will be responsible to pay any further sums required by your lender if the information they give us is incorrect. If you have a mortgage to redeem and your lender requires settlement by telegraphic transfer there will be an additional charge of £37.50+Vat for each loan redeemed in this way.

9. Purchase Quotation Only:

Your seller normally requires a deposit when contracts are exchanged. We will require cleared funds from you before the deposit can be paid by us. Our legal fees are payable following exchange of contracts and before we are able to arrange completion of your Purchase we shall require from you in the form of cleared funds sufficient money to cover the cost of purchase and the expenses of purchasing the Property. This will normally include our legal fees Stamp Duty Land Tax, Land Registry fees and the balance purchase price.

The figures given in our estimate include payments such as search fees and Stamp Duty Land Tax, which change from time to time. If there is change during the course of the transaction, you will be asked to pay the revised charge.

We have allowed a provisional sum of £100 for the Local Authority Search fee but this charge varies according to the area in which you intend to purchase. We will revise the charge you will be asked to pay when we are notified of the property address. You will be required by Inland Revenue to complete a Stamp Duty Land Tax return. This is a form of self-assessment to tax and failure to submit a properly completed return by the due date will result in penalties. Guidance for the completion of the return may be obtained from the Inland Revenue Website. If you require our assistance in the preparation of the return, there will be an additional charge of £75 + VAT.

The quote is prepared on the basis that this is a transfer of the whole of the land in the title however the Land Registry fee is doubled if the purchase is a transfer of part of the land in a legal title (which is most commonly the purchase of a new house on an estate).

There may be additional payments if we are asked by your buyers solicitor to obtain copies of documents not associated with your title deeds. We will not charge you for obtaining these but will ask you to reimburse us for any copying charges raised by the provider of the documents.

If the property you are buying is leasehold (most flats and maisonettes are leasehold) there may be a charge payable to the Landlord for the registration of Notice of the transfer of the Lease to you and also for registration of a Notice confirming the name and address of your lender. This is a normal requirement of most Leases but the charge for registering the Notices does vary from Lease to Lease. We shall be able to advise you of these charges once we have seen a copy of the Lease. Please note if the purchase involves the grant of a new Lease there may be additional Stamp Duty Land Tax and Land Registry fees. Again we will be able to advise you of these once we have seen the papers.

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